2016-2017 City Council Goals

Grow Rosemount — Attract and Support Businesses

• EXPAND business and employment opportunities in the Business Park and UMore Park

INCREASE Rosemount’s business-friendly practices through streamlined business development and permitting processes

• ENGAGE with regional transportation initiatives for major highways, transit ways, and high-speed rail and INCREASE public awareness of them

• BUILD public infrastructure improvements designed to encourage private investment and development

Live in Rosemount — Become a More
Sustainable Community

• IDENTIFY and IMPLEMENT best sustainability practices

○ Use Resilient Community, Star Communities, and Green Steps implementation strategies

○ Implement Comprehensive Plan strategies and create an Environmental Task Force

• INCREASE well-designed and diverse public spaces

• ENCOURAGE community, cultural, and leisure events to add vibrancy to our quality of life

• INCREASE existing community transportation and transit connections

• INCREASE community lifecycle housing options addressing rental, senior, and affordability needs

• MAINTAIN an engaged, healthy, inviting, and safe community

Manage Rosemount — Provide Efficient and
Effective Services

• MAINTAIN stable revenue streams for core services and fiscal discipline

• INCREASE technology and workflow measurements for greater productivity and customer satisfaction

• EXPLORE shared services and partnerships

Port Authority Goals

Implementation Strategies:

• 2016 Initiate 2004 Development Framework for Downtown Rosemount Task Force study and “Next Steps”

• 2016 Engage business and residents for 2040 Comprehensive Guide Plan for downtown area

• 2016 Market updated hotel study to developers/investors to secure a actionable project

• 2016-2017 Engage a retail consultant with strong marketing resources to mine for market opportunities

• 2016-2019 Continue partnership and membership in regional marketing including but not limited to:
Greater MSP, DEED, Positively MN, Rosemount Business Council, Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce

• 2016-2019 Continue “Open for Business” outreach and virtual incubator for start-up and existing businesses

• 2016-2019 Continue annual business appreciation activities

• 2016-2019 Engage UMORE development group to accelerate job creation, business and residential development

• 2016-2019 Engage Business Park developer to accelerate job creation and business development view